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Piedāvāju krievu valodas nodarbības pandēmijas laikā attālināti, kā arī nodarbības angļu valodā

bērniem - arī attālināti. Ir pieredze darbā ar bērniem. 

I offer Russian lessons remotely during the pandemic, in addition - for children - English lessons.

I have experience of working with children. 

Предлагаю уроки русского языка в период пандемии удаленно, кроме того - для детей -

уроки английского языка. Есть опыт работы с детьми.  

Je propose des cours de russe à distance lors d'une pandémie, en plus - pour les enfants - des cours d'anglais. J'ai de l'expérience avec les enfants. 

Pandēmijas laikā  ekskursijas nenotiek. 
В период пандемии экскурсии не проводятся. 
There are no excursions during the pandemic.
One day in Kemeri National Park

(the tour with the transport and feet)

The length of the guided tour 6 h


Kemeri National Park

Kemeri National Park is situated on the Baltic Sea in the bay of Riga. Park takes 38 165 ha a large surface area. Virgin forests, swamps, lakes, a sandy beach and seadunes welcome nature's lovers. A large part of the National Park is low and the kingdom of Mosses. There you can see the famous sulphur springs. Thanks to measures for the nature's protection of National Park in the woods and meadows are numerous protected plants, it is home to many wild animals, birds.

Particularly interesting is the Big raised Bog of Kemeri - 6 000 ha large Moss and bog lakes kingdom. In bogmire set up a 3 km long foot bridge, which lay on top in the damp and soft moss quagmire. Usually walking into the swamps of moss are both difficult and dangerous move, they can easily get lost. Thanks to the foot bridge in bogmire, you can now go for several hours for a walk and explore this beautiful and slightly mysterious latvia's nature's corner.

Beautiful forests and meadows, many sulphitor springs and medicated mud, the clear air, seaside - it all was the basis to create for the resort's in the beginning of the 19 – th century. Today in Kemeri you can see the sanatoriums “Kemeri” constructed in the 20 century, which was designed by the latvian famous architect Eižēns Laube, the park around the sanatoriums, the monument to resort's founders and directors, St. Peter's and St. Paul's wooden Orthodox Church. Will also have the oportunity to taste sulphur spiring water.